SharePoint Server 2010 Development Environment

Step 1:

Login your Windows 7 as Administrator account. If u not with domain then activate your hidden local Administrator account using command prompt Run as Administrator.

net user administrator /active:yes

Step 2:

Create “SharePointFiles” folder in c drive then copy your SharePoint installer after extract installer in same path using command prompt

c:\SharePointFiles\SharePointSetup.exe /extract:c:\SharePointFiles

Step 3:

Using a text editor such as Notepad, open the installation configuration file, config.xml, located in the following path: c:\SharePointFiles\files\Setup\config.xml
Add this line inside the tag:

<Setting Id="AllowWindowsClientInstall" Value="True"/>

Then save the configuration file.

Step 4:

install prerequisites


Microsoft Sync Framework

Windows Identity Foundation (Windows6.1-KB974405-x64.msu)

SQL Server Native Client

Chart Controls

SQL Server Analysis Services - ADOMD.Net

Step 5:

Running the following command in a Command Prompt window

start /w pkgmgr /iu:IIS-WebServerRole;IIS-WebServer;IIS-CommonHttpFeatures;^

Step 6:

Click and install setup.exe (c:\SharePointFiles\Setup.exe)

Step 7:

Choose the installation you want
Standalone :choose your machine not with domain account
Server Farm :choose your machine added with domain account.

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